Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fake housewife: miele vacuum

I bought a new vacuum last weekend. It wasn't a Dyson.

Gasp. Horror.

I had two beefs with Dysons: upright and bagless. We have zero carpeting in our apartment. Without carpeting, the heavy duty beater bars on an upright become dead weight and at that point, there's no reason to have an upright. So I'm on team canister. As for the bagless thing, well, it was a request of my husband's. He's the one that always empties out the little dust collector bin on our old vacuum, and he despises it. So being a dear, I looked for a canister with bags.

Working off of some consumer guides and reports, I bought the Miele Neptune. Originally I was all about the Polaris, but at the store I found out that it didn't come with the turbo attachment for rugs and it didn't come with a fancy attachment for hardwood floors. The Neptune was $100 more but to buy those attachments would cost more than that, so I plunked down the 500 bucks.

A month ago, I would have never considered spending $500 on a vacuum. But then I had this conversation with my mom, who likes to not spend money, and she admitted to spending $800 back in the '80s on a Kirby vacuum. Dude. I decided I shouldn't feel guilty about replacing my $40 vacuum with something that does more than make a loud, high-pitched wail.

So back to the Miele. I love it. I need to name it something, because it follows me around like a dog. Its little wheels rotate all the way, so it doesn't get stuck or behave awkwardly. It has a telescopic wand, so no need to be all hunched over. You can adjust the suction power, which is incredible to me.

It's also a really pretty color! That's important for vacuums, indeed.

We haven't filled up a bag yet, so I can't speak to how frequently they will need to be changed. But our apartment is 650 square feet, so we're probably not very representative there.

So far so good.


  1. Psstt... over here, we didn't buy a Dyson either. J fell in love (yes, my husband fell in love with a vacuum) the Hoover Constellation and since he is our vacuumer he got to pick the vacuum. The Constellation is also a bagged canister with excellent ratings and a HEPA filter. It also 'floats on a cushion of air' (according to the commercials from the '50s) - it hovers. He named it Rover after something from The Prisoner series that also floats. Hubs in an Old Soul ;-)